Q.  When is the best time to see my baby's face?

A.   26 -35 weeks is the best time because baby is not too big or too small, but you can come see your baby anytime. Its really neat  to watch them grow!!

Q.  When is the earliest that you can tell the gender of my baby?

A.  14 weeks should be the earliest to come find out the gender. Its just to give baby enough time to be developed, but their gender can be formed completely as early as 12-13weeks.

Q.  Why do I need my bladder full for the ultrasound?

A.  The bladder sometimes helps with making the baby move and to push them up out of your pelvis to get a better image.

Q.  What should I do to get the best images for my ultrasound?

A.  1-2 weeks prior to your ultrasound you will need to drink plenty of water.  At least 4-5 bottles of water per day, but drink more if you can. The more fluid around your baby the better your pictures will come out.

Q.  What do I need to do the day of my ultrasound?

A.  Drink a coke or orange juice 30 minutes before your ultrasound appointment. This helps to wake up the baby because of the sugar/caffeine, and don't skip any meals because this will make baby sleepy.

Q.  When should I call to make an appointment?

A.  You can call us at anytime, but I suggest calling at least 3-4 weeks in advanced so you can get the time and day that best fits your schedule.  

Q.  How many people can I bring with me for the ultrasound?

A.  You are welcome to bring whoever and how many you would like, but we have seating for about 8-10 people. We want this to be of fun experience for everyone!! I guess let's say the more the merrier!!!

Q. Do I get 3d/4d & HD with my ultrasound?

A.  YES!!!!!:) All packages come with 3d/4d & HD, baby's weight, position, and heart rate. Give us call at 337-783-8333 to make an appointment or if you have any questions.  *The only pkg that DOES NOT included 3D/4D & HD is the Nervous Mommy.    

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